Change Logs
What's new?


  • changes to wallet selection UI in exchange module
  • redesigned table loader indicator
  • converted exchange fee to only percentage, (removed fixed)
  • set maximum exchange fee to 99 percent.
  • fixed transaction table errors
  • removed unnecessary space around table
  • removed gateway settings from control panel, (if you need to disable a gateway, you have to do that in the env file)
  • added Stripe, PayU, Mollie, Paystack, payment gateway.
You need to update your Environment settings, so as to enable the newly added Payment Gateways


  • added support for Moralis for token dollar price
  • extended coin exchange limit
  • charge withdrawal fee after successful transaction
  • added ability to reverse failed transaction
  • renamed Buy & Sell route to Trades
  • reduced frequency of Payment validation
  • changed API error reporting format
  • and other minor UI changes and bug fixes


  • fixed wrong token incoming value
  • enabled SafeMoon (BEP-20)
  • changed coin logos to URL for a faster load time
  • suppressed unnecessary logs
  • and some minor UI changes and bug fixes


  • extended coin price decimal precision
  • added Binance and BEP20 support
  • added more popular tokens (ShibaInu, SafeMoon, BUSD)
  • and other bug fixes
  1. 1.
    You need to setup Binance, check the setup guide.
  2. 2.
    Read the Tokens Fundamentals section before you start using them.


  • added ERC20 support, and three initial tokens (Tether, OmiseGO, ChainLink)
  • updated available Locales
  • fixed recursive loading of wallet transaction page
  • other minor fixes
  1. 1.
    Reset Ethereum's webhook from the wallet's control panel.
  2. 2.
    Read the Tokens Fundamentals section before you start using them.


  • added polyfill for improved SEO
  • updated npm and composer packages
  • (security) add Content Security Policy.
  • fixed Payment Credit errors
  • disabled source map in production
  • updated License Verification
  • (security) added Mass Assignment guard
  • allow verification when phone or email exists
  • fixed profile form glitch during saves
  • fixed ethereum api connection errors
  • minor UI changes
  • minor bug fixes.
  1. 1.
    Remove the files and before running ./cryptitan update and it will be recreated with updated configuration.


  • Removed unused package dependencies
  • Sanitized pagination to prevent injection
  • Setup landing page integration
  • UI changes to widgets
  • Minor optimization and bug fixes


  • Initial release