Below is a list of commands that can be used on Cryptitan.
  • Start up cryptitan.
./cryptitan up -d
  • Stop cryptitan.
./cryptitan stop
  • Recreate (to reflect changes made on the files on the server)
./cryptitan recreate
  • To reflect changes on the env file.
./cryptitan artisan config:cache
Editing some env variable might still require you to recreate. If you notice the change on the .env file isn't effected after running the command above, you should make use of the recreate command.
  • Clear cache.
./cryptitan artisan cache:clear
  • Maintenance mode.
Do not make use of maintenance mode while applying updates to the system. Make sure to stop cryptitan before proceeding with updates.
Do not run ./cryptitan downThis is very destructive and could result to a loss of the database.
./cryptitan artisan down
  • To end maintenance mode.
./cryptitan artisan up
  • Clear redis lock error (account in use).
Before running the command below, you would first have to activate the maintenance mode.
./cryptitan artisan lock:clear-redis
Remember to end the maintenance mode after running the command above.
  • Backup database.
./cryptitan artisan backup:database
  • Reset super admin's password.
./cryptitan artisan users:reset-super-admin