Tips on how to stay safe.

General Disclaimer

Cryptitan was built with industry protection standard, and we guarantee security patches for as long as the item is supported. However, what it takes to protect your own service does not end with the software. You have to know how to protect your server from unauthorized access or any phishing activities. We will be maintaining a curated, but not exhaustive list of security practices, click here to visit the dedicated page. You also have a due responsibility to run an audit of the system using the paid services of experts online. If the report of an audit requires something fixed, we will do so as long as your support period is active.

DISCLAIMER: In light of the note above, and since we know that not every buyers of the system will take security practices serious, it is important we let you know that, we will NOT be responsible for any losses, damages or claims arising from any event related to the use of this software.

Database Security

We recommend you use external database services configured with regular backups. For example you should make use of AWS RDS or similar service for MYSQL database and MONGODB ATLAS for MONGODB database. All of the external services can be configured in the environment file.

Firewall Security

Inbound connection should be limited to the following ports:

  1. 22 for ssh connection.

  2. 80 & 443 for http(s) connection.

  3. 2095 & 2096 for websocket connection.

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