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We want it to be as easy as possible to get started with Cryptitan so we have built an easy to use installer that automatically helps you setup your server and other dependencies such as database, redis, BitGo server, ethereum node, cron jobs, supervisor, nginx, php, websocket service... just to name a few.

To get started you need a VPS Server with nothing installed (i.e. no pre-installed web service) to avoid conflicts with Cryptitan's installer. You can purchase one of these VPS servers using services like AWS EC2 or Digital Ocean Droplets

You will also need to install SSH client like Putty and WinSCP to connect and upload files to your server. If you are new to connecting and uploading to VPS servers using SSH client, refer to SSH Access section.


  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 or later)

  • Architecture: 64bit (x86)

  • AVX support on CPU

  • Memory: 8gb+

  • Storage: 60gb+

Prepare Server

Create a new user account on the server, it is under this account, Cryptitan needs to be installed. Do NOT install Cryptitan as root user! You can create a user account using the following command (where 'neoscrypts' is the username):

sudo useradd -m neoscrypts

For the rest of the installation guide, we will use neoscrypts as reference for the newly created user account.

Our installer leverages the power of Docker container services, so you need to install Docker on the server. (see: docker installation section)

For a complete tutorial on how to connect securely to the newly created user account on your VPS Server via SSH, see: SSH Access section.

Remember to add the username to the Docker group. (refer to docker installation).

Upload Files

Don't install Cryptitan as root user!

  • Using your preferred remote file manager (e.g. WinSCP), login as the created user account.

  • Navigate to the home directory: i.e. /home/neoscrypts

  • Upload the zip file obtained from the marketplace to the home directory.

If you don't know how to upload files to your VPS server, refer to the SSH Access section.

  • Next, using SSH Terminal, login as the created user account, and navigate to the home directory. i.e. /home/neoscrypts/

cd ~
  • Unzip the uploaded source file

unzip here is the name of the zip file as downloaded from the marketplace. Example of the zip file, downloaded from CodeCanyon looks like: codecanyon-71g9eMsC-cryptitan-multi...

  • Now you should have a folder named: cryptitan-1.0.0.

  • For convenience sake, rename this folder to just cryptitan

rsync -a cryptitan-1.0.0/ cryptitan/

The ending slash "/" of the source and destination directory is required.

The 1.0.0 in the folder name represents the version you are installing.

  • Verify the folder /home/neoscrypts/cryptitan which should contain all Cryptitan source files.

Don't rename your project folder, after the first build. If you do so, Cryptitan will rebuild on a new instance, similar to a fresh install.

Setup Environment

  • While logged in as the created user account (SSH Terminal), Navigate to the project's folder: i.e. /home/neoscrypts/cryptitan

cd ~/cryptitan
  • Create your .env file using the command:

./cryptitan initialize
  • Within your project's folder you will find your .env file. Edit the file and set your information as required. Please refer to Environment section for guide.

  • After environment setup, build and start Cryptitan

./cryptitan up -d

If you have properly configured your environment file as described, the server should successfully build and start. It takes about 20 minutes to complete.

If the compilation stops with an "unhealthy" message, it means that the environment variables were not properly configured. You will need to stop cryptitan using the command:

./cryptitan stop

You have to check the logs to see the compilation error:

./cryptitan logs -f application

Copy the output of the logs and save in a text file. You should send the text file to us through our support channel. Wewill be able to tell you which one of your environment value was misconfigured.

Bind to Network

This will make cryptitan available to the outside world through your domain.

  • While logged in as the created user account (SSH Terminal). Navigate to the user's home directory: i.e. /home/neoscrypts/

cd ~
  • Download the Network tool using the command:

git clone
  • Navigate into the created docker-nginx directory:

cd docker-nginx
  • Then start up the service:

./nginx up -d

Your domain, as specified in the environment file, as well as the www. version, must be pointed to your server's IP address. i.e both and must be pointed to your server's IP address.

You are set!

Cryptitan should now be accessible through your configured domain. (Make sure your domain is already pointed to your server's IP address).

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